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Look at your own risk XDD....No really I mean it o3o;;;

Also, it would be nice if some people COMMENTED on my work. I mean it's nice to know you LIKE the artwork, but I'd like to know why ^^; Why do you think I always put

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: on EVERY deviation?

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Awesome works of art!! Some from muh friends, some from random ppl! XD



Sooooooo...hello XD;;; I know, I've been extremely unactive on this account. I just haven't really had the inspiration to really draw anything, and if I do, I don't feel like uploading it. Doesn't help a lot of stuff has happened between my last journal and now; Like me not going to school anymore.

To make a long story short, they kept putting off the start date, making me redo a whole bunch of paperwork eachtime, and the stress of that, combined with other stress, became too much for me and I pulled out of the course. My main reason for that was because I was getting so annoyed that they kept putting off the start date; if I had started in October like I was SUPPOSED to, I'd be nearly done by now (1 year course, yeah U8; ).

Anyways, I've actually started working, having finished the 3-day training yesterday. Still nervous about it but so far it's nice, and hey, it's money in my pocket, so yay U8

Another reason why I haven't been on here as much put it bluntly, I've lost interest in DA <XD I don't go on as often as I used to (like seriously, you have no idea), but don't worry! I won't leave; Not unless I had a damn good excuse for that. I might go through my gallery and clean it up, get rid of pieces that aren't relavent anymore/really old, but other than that, I'll still be here, just not very active. Well, except today 'cause I've got scans and such U8;

Anyways, hope you guys are alright. Stay awesome~ ;D

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Mention the name Optimus Prime and you'll hear a loud fangirl squeal followed by 'WHERE?!?! :love:" XDD


BTW if your wondering the Anigram under muh name was created by :iconlickthebladeclean: ;P

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