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Techno-Organic: Encounter
"Would you like something else to eat?" the waitress asked. Gypsy looked up from her laptop and smiled at the young woman.
"No thank you. I think I've had enough beignets for today." she said, lifting her plate up.
"You certainly like them." The waitress remarked
"Not like the ones at Duke's though." she said, "But they're pretty close." The waitress smiled and walked off to retrieve the young woman's check.  Gypsy's smile vanished as she turned her attention back onto her laptop.
Ever since she gained her "robo-warrior" armor, she had been searching day and night for others like her. The closest she could find were the autobots. Their armor looked similar to hers, but not exactly. Then she saw a news article featuring a young yellow girl that looked like the yellow autobot.
"Perhaps the armor is connected with the autobot that it closely resembles." she muttered, "But then what kind of autobot am I?"
She couldn't really explain it, but when she's in the armor, she fel
:iconjewelsparrow:JewelSparrow 6 8
Host Club T.O.s - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
In all fairness, Dylan was the quiet one when he was Tap-Lan; so he knew things you wouldn't really expect him to know.
Like the fact that Mittie and Shadow were indeed adjusting to being Hosts. Already a few days had passed and there were some noticeable differences.
For one, Shadow had begun talking - well, somewhat talking - to the guests. Of course, the girls continued to suffocate them with their undying love and devotion, but she got by….barely. Another was that Mittie wasn't getting too flustered with the attention anymore; She did get the odd uncomfortable question and compliments but she was doing better.
They've also gotten accustomed to the themes and the outfits they had to wear: They had the mindset that since they got to wear really expensive clothing without spending a single penny, they might as well make the best of it.
Hey, they were still girls after all.
Shadow was also trying not to hurt Tamaki too much. Of course, this was definitely not absolute.
:iconshadowdemon101:ShadowDemon101 7 18
TF: Decepticon Nation Mission 2 Part 1
Twas a beautiful Cybertronian morning, it was. The sky was pitch black, the residential areas for neutrals were in near-ruins, and the stench of war was never clear. Of course, Steamcharger cared not for any of that so it was kind of pointless to even describe all of that.
Steamcharger was a patient mech, so even after a mega-cycle of waiting for his so-called 'partner' for their mission, he had not lost his cool. It took a lot to make that happen.
At his pedes, a small machine sat on the ground all lonesome. It had been specially designed and built by Steamcharger for the mission - it would be able to extract the water from the oil lake without a problem...Lest a neutral or Autobot spot them taking the water, then there would be a problem since his weapons had yet to be returned to him. The same was supposedly for his partner as well.
"Oi, ya! Is t'is the right place?" The red and white femme looked at the lake with a small frown mumbling to herself. "Tch. All lakes look 'e same, 'nd
:iconlochcamaen:LochCamaen 4 12
Trouble on the Time Scape 8
The next few days were torture. Not only was Stormrig stuck in the Maximal level the whole time, but she was bored as slag as well. There was nothing to do but recharge and spar with Primal whenever he was around, and even then he was in too bad of a mood to talk to anybot. Tigerhawk tried keeping her occupied, but they were called away on missions so often that they barely caught her before she slipped into recharge.
It was a wonder to the young femme just why she was really stuck down here. She could hide just as well in her room; She could take on some stupid Autotrooper slaggers...She just wanted to see him again - Get some answers and tell him outright how special he was to her. She wanted to help; be with him through the coming trials; To hold his servo, listen to him say he--
"Stormrig?" The red-flamed femme looked up from her game of Solitaire to see Toaster holding up a pair of crates in his arms, most likely holding energon for the Maximals, and
:iconlochcamaen:LochCamaen 3 20
In Memory of.. by DevinRingland In Memory of.. :icondevinringland:DevinRingland 3 7 The pain of knowing by DevinRingland The pain of knowing :icondevinringland:DevinRingland 1 3
TF - Small Troubles 12
And I'm sorry about this too -FLEES INTO BOMB SHELTER-
Disclaimer: Own nothing but my toys n this half of a story <3
"I never knew you had a shelf above your bed you know; no wonder Blurr stopped visiting me!"
"Oh I thought he was running off to somewhere~"
"To me naturally, isn't that right Blurr?"
"And here I thought you've forgotten all about me," lamented Migi dramatically, "When really Evil Shades here hid you away instead!" Said girl pretended to be shocked at the accusation.
"Hey he had to be controlled! Besides he could always get down, just not back up in time; none of the fliers wanted to help you know,"
"Hey we is not being jealous!" the twins exclaimed, playing along, "We just not wanting to!"
"Akaktheywerejealous!" Bumblebee rolled his optics at the little squabble from Kia's bag, "Why do they keep on going? It's no
:iconshadowdemon101:ShadowDemon101 14 30
Shadowdemon101's B-day '11 by DNLnamek01 Shadowdemon101's B-day '11 :icondnlnamek01:DNLnamek01 12 14 TF: Datsuns fluff by NamiAngel TF: Datsuns fluff :iconnamiangel:NamiAngel 198 40 2011 Halloween by ShadowDemon101 2011 Halloween :iconshadowdemon101:ShadowDemon101 12 25 Chibis - Menewsha n Gaia by ShadowDemon101 Chibis - Menewsha n Gaia :iconshadowdemon101:ShadowDemon101 9 15 Menewsha - Halloween Dress Up by ShadowDemon101 Menewsha - Halloween Dress Up :iconshadowdemon101:ShadowDemon101 12 24
Awesome works of art!! Some from muh friends, some from random ppl! XD



Just gonna keep this nice and simple:

I don't go onto this website anymore. Haven't for many years now, so as you can see all of my artwork has been put to storage in the meantime until I can find the time to download what I still want to keep before I deactivate this page. Until then, my page will still be up, but no longer active.

I would like to say that this website did get me out of my shell and put my artwork out there for the world to see, no matter how stupid the idea/doodle was. I've met many amazing friends here that I do hope I shall keep in touch with for many years to come. My art has greatly improved over the years, despite what I feel like some days, and I do have deviantART to thank, for being my inspiration in my early days on here to post a picture at least once a day, to continue being creative at each waking moment.

May or may not revive this page, or just restart altogether, but until then, it's been a blast, deviantART.

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Mention the name Optimus Prime and you'll hear a loud fangirl squeal followed by 'WHERE?!?! :love:" XDD


BTW if your wondering the Anigram under muh name was created by :iconlickthebladeclean: ;P



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